About Software on Linux

We started this project to convince vendors of programs to adopt support for Linux.

The problem

A lot of popular software programs are available on Mac and Windows, but not on Linux. For certain applications, Linux users rely on the open source community to deliver _free_ alternatives. For many other applications, however, there simply are no alternatives on Linux. People who want (or need) to use these applications are then basically forced to install alternative operating systems or run programs in emulators or through compatibility layers. I feel that in some cases, due to this impractability, some users simply uninstall their Linux OS and permanently use another OS.

What software would I personally like to see running on Linux? Even though I rarely play computer games, I wish more games would run on Linux. Besides Valve's tremendous efforts there is a lot of room for improvement in this area. I also wish programs in the Adobe suite would run on Linux - think of Photoshop and InDesign. Last but not least, It would be awesome if I could run software like Ableton and Traktor on Linux.

Even though I support free and open source software, I take a very practical stance. In contrast to some fellow Linux users, I don't always object running closed source software. The programs I choose to use depend more on the functionality and user experience than it does on whether it's open source or not - at least for applications in some domains.

A solution

Through this website, I want to create a central place where people can reveal their demand for certain software on Linux. By ventilating this demand, we can create awareness among vendors, who may ultimately be convinced to adopt Linux support. The information on this website can also be used by the open source community and competitors of vendors to identify demand for certain applications, which will lead them to jump on the bandwagon. I hope that the effect of this website will be an improvement in the supply of software on Linux, regardless of whether it's closed or open source.

What you can do

You can help this initiative in at least two ways. First, take a moment and think about software you'd like to use on Linux. Check if the software is already listed on our website, add it to our index if it isn't, and indicate your interest in the program. Second, spread the word about our initiative. Write about us on your blog. Mention us to friends, family and in communities that you are a part of. The bigger the buzz, the stronger the effect.

Yours faithfully,

P.s. For press related inquiries, please send an email [email protected].